Dear Mom

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Dear Mom.”

Pyaari Amma,

These days when I am around your age when I could understand some like 50s – I find myself quoting you all the time – my Amma use to say this and I will say a quote or something.

I have admitted to myself and others that – I don’t even have half the qualities you had:

Strong, Courageous, Bold and Beautiful, loving and compassionate, fearless, spiritual, kind and so much more…


I find myself wondering – how did you do all that – without much education and money – and I learned that your biggest power was YOU – your ability to make friends by caring and supporting and helping anyone and finally trusting the divinity to take care of it all. 

You make this proverb true – Some one plants the tree and someone else eats the fruits…

I am eating the fruits of love which you planted in many many hearts…wherever I go people remember you because now I look like you and  they say how nice you were to them and they pour there love on me. I am learning and trying to do the same – Plant the trees which will give fruits for my children and everyone around it.

I feel you are always with me…you have sown the seeds of spirituality in me and you would have been happy to see my growth.